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Welcome on portal for the Discord Bot "DiscordMapper" allow on all of your users to register on a map and display their origin.

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Login trought your Server ID & Server Pass communicated with !initmap command.

Manager your Map options

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Server Map...

Display all locations of your user's registered on your own Server Map, its more easier now for you to know where from people fore schedule an IRL etc...

Every Discord users allowed to set their map position, position can be not accurate or accurate like they want.

See on your own map URL all users localisation who have set their position

Get Started...

Follow these steps for setup the DiscordMap on your Server:

  1. Join our Discord HERE & Invite bot to your Server
  2. Type !mapinit(You must be ADMINISTRATOR of the Server)
  3. That's all.

You can start to use the commands listed on this page for use DiscordMapper :)

On Creation of your map, you will get MP from Bot with your Credential to Login on this site and Manage your maps options(More customization features coming later this year)

To get your position, click on the menu "Map Showroom" then just simply click on the desired position on the map, the position will be auto-copied to your clipboard, paste-it on Discord after !YOURCOMMAND

Discord command...

Every User can register their location trought the Discord bot command, its pretty simple to utilisation and accessible for everyone

Commands List:
  • !map(Send you the link for your Serveur Map)
  • !maphelp(Show you all availables commands)
  • !mapadd LAT;LNG(Add your position on the map(eg: !mapadd 11.13371337;11.13371337))
  • !mapupdate LAT;LNG(Update your position on the map(eg: !mapadd 11.13371337;11.13371337))
  • !mapupdateimage URL_IMAGE(Update your Image on the map to your Pos)
  • !mapdelete(Delete your position on the map)
  • !mapdistance TAG_USER(Return distance between you and the user mentionned)

Commands Admin List:
  • !initmap(Do it after the bot join your discord for the first time, this command init the map & create a link)
  • !mapclean(Remove all users from Map there are not anymore on your Discord)
  • !maprefresh(Refresh all users information like Nickname, Roles etc)

Support Us

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If you have any questions, request, problem etc feel free to join our Discord and tchat us :)

Support Us